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Toronto TV Repair : Do you need a Television Repair in Toronto?

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Reasons to get your TV fixed from us are given below:

  1. You can call us to have free repair estimate.
  2. We have TV technicians who are well experienced in  TV repairs
  3.  We do free pick up and delivery for our customers in Toronto.
  4.  We fix the TV in 1 hour on our shop because we keep TV parts for all major brands in stock.
  5.  We provide 90 days warranty on all our repairs.
  6.  Our repair charges beat everyone in the Toronto because we are a wholesaler of TV parts in Toronto; most of Toronto TV Repair Shops buy parts from us and then they add their charges on top. So getting directly TV repaired from us saves you money.

We fix every model and brand whether it is a LED, LCD, Plasma, Smart TV, 4k TV or DLP. We repair everything on our location. We also buy old TV sets as well.


So for anyone your TV gives any issues or needs repair, just gives us a call.

Toronto TV Repair repairing a broken Samsung Smart TV

Most Common TV Issues Faced By the TV Owners

 The television sets of all models of even the best manufacturing companies are liable of any damage that can be repaired in any reliable TV repair shop. But the TV owners must have some basic ideas about the problems created in their TV sets, because they need to provide some information about the faults in their TVs, when they first call up the TV repair shops for servicing their broken down TVs.

Common TV Problems by Toronto TV Repair

  • TV stops working altogether – Normally this condition occurs due to any loose connection of the power cables of the TV or the snapping off any internal wiring of the TV. The TV set should be unplugged and taken to the Toronto TV Repair shop.
  • The TV screen turns blacks, stopping the pictures – The TV screen stops showing any picture, turning totally into black. This happens due to the setting problems in the modes of the TV set and can be fixed only by changing the settings from Menu, which is better to be done by any experienced TV technician only.
  • Cloudy picture – The connection between the TV and the satellite cable connection may be loose or any hidden problem may develop in the inner TV mechanisms, resulting in whitish or blurred pictures, which can be detected repaired by Toronto TV Repair.
  • Automatic ups and downs of the sounds of the TV – Sometimes, the sound of the TV may become automatically too loud or too soft, without being operated by anyone. Actually, the audio system of the TV may develop any fault that can be identified and repaired only by any expert TV technician. If the sound stops on a few specific channels only, it can be put right by changing the audio mode of those channels, from the main Menu.
  • The TV may not get started even from the TV switch – Sometimes, it is impossible to start the TV, even by pressing the switch provided on the TV body, which can be due to a problem in the TV settings and can be corrected by the Toronto TV Repair in a few minutes.
  • Problem in changing the TV channels – The TV channels may not change at all, even if the remote battery is absolutely fresh, which is most likely due to a fault in the TV settings. If any specific channel is not opening only, it may be a problem on part of the satellite channel provider and can be remedied by contacting that service provider company.